The New F5 Corpus Less Chair. More You.
The New F5 Corpus Less Chair. More You.

Participation on a higher level

There’s really no single feature that defines our new model. Instead it’s the combination of many small, smart improvements that makes the new F5 Corpus our most advanced model ever. Together they create a powered wheelchair that enables you to reach a little bit further, stand a few minutes longer, face even tougher challenges and get more out of everyday life. Enabling you to participate even more.


get the best seat

Corpus™ seating system

Completely customizable to your body and your needs, the Corpus seating system matches the contours of your body and enables movement.

  • More stability, comfort and freedom
  • Better pressure relief
  • Increased range and ease of daily activities
  • Forward tilt for better access

you’re driving

F5 Comfort Ride™ chassis

Slimmer, sleeker yet more stable, this chassis offers a wide range of steering options. For indoor and outdoor use, it takes you where you want to go.

  • Exceptional stablity and ride comfort
  • Quieter
  • Easier maneuvrability and access
  • Tough, safety-tested design
  • Speedy and nimble

make a stand

F5 Corpus VS

The optional VS model provides an innovative way of standing, in combination with all the seating and driving benefits of the F5 Corpus.

  • Ability to stand and transfer
  • Ability to stand and drive
  • Eye-to-eye communication
  • Inherent medical benefits of standing


Extension of the upper body and alignment of the hip assists in delaying skeletal deformities, provides knee range of motion and reduces spasticity, which can contribute to safer transfers and improved positioning in the wheelchair.
Standing upright, or changing position in chair, removes ­constrictions to circulation created when sitting, helping ­reduce edema.
When standing, the chest cavity is expanded, making diaphragmatic movements and breathing easier. In turn, improved breathing often helps a person’s ability to communicate by making speaking easier.
Risk of bladder infection is decreased as it makes it easier to empty the bladder completely.
Weight bearing from standing has shown to be effective in improving bone mineral density.
Seat elevating helps the user make eye contact while the anterior tilt function helps the user reach further forward for objects. Small improvements like these make participating easier, improving self-confidence and further increasing the desire to take part in daily life as much as possible.
Offers regular pressure relief and improves sitting tolerance for those areas active when sitting or lying down.
Enables safe transfers – and functional access forward – with the help of seat elevating and anterior tilt.
Maintains flexibility and allows for functional benefits in activities of daily living, such as better functional reach, seeing over obstacles, getting dressed and catheterization.


pilot name Carl Ahlgren
“I can be myself”

They usually say that a wheelchair is an extension of our arms and legs. Now I can really say that I’ve found the chair I’ve been looking for for so many years. Which is an incredible relief for me. The chair blends in with my body, the chair and I are not two units, we are one.

pilot name Ineke Platel
“I can live more freely”

Now I can reach everything in the house, like cabinets and such. Even in a higher position it's still stable and drivable. Relaxing is really relaxing. I experienced support in all positions.


Catrine Träff

Catrine Träff

Clinical Marketing
Pär Torgerson

Pär Torgerson

Industrial Design Manager
Stefan Nilsén

Stefan Nilsén

Project Design Manager
Magnus Andersson

Magnus Andersson

Director Group Technology
Jonas Jähkel

Jonas Jähkel

Industrial Design Manager


wheel chair

f5 Corpus technical data

Maximum user weight 150 kg
Range 25–35 km
Maximum speed 12 kmh
Obstacle clearance 70–100 mm
Turning diameter 1525 mm
Crash tested

f5 Corpus VS technical data

Maximum user weight 136 kg
Range 25–35 km
Maximum speed 12 kmh
Obstacle clearance 70–100 mm
Turning diameter 1525 mm
Crash tested

download f5 corpus data sheet download f5 corpus VS data sheet

download f5 corpus user manual download f5 corpus vs user manual

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